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Nutrition News – June 23rd–30th

This is our weekly selection of recently published studies and reviews in nutrition. Here are some of the most interesting findings this week: Pro-inflammatory diets are associated with an increased risk of weight gain and obesity. Inadequate water intake impairs blood sugar control. A low-FODMAP diet may not benefit people with inflammatory bowel disease. New […]

Mitigation of gamma-radiation induced abasic sites in genomic DNA by dietary nicotinamide supplementation: Metabolic up-regulation of NAD+ biosynthesis

Animals were killed by cervical dislocation and liver was removed after different time intervals, as indicated above. The handling and sacrifice of the mice were done as per the guidelines issued by BARC (Bhabha Atomic Research Center) animal ethics committee. Animals (6 weeks old) were subjected to total body -radiation at a rate of 50 […]