Liquid Delivery: What’s Next For NAD+ Supplementation

The roadmap to MNMs and NAD+ sublingual tablets and powder has not been so smooth. It was marked by a series of experiments, disappointments but finally today almost everyone is happy with what they get. Is that the end of the road for these products? If you thought this would put an end to research and studies on this topic, you are wrong.

What’s Next For NAD+

The moment the first breakthroughs were made in supplementing MNM and NAD+ through powder and tablets, it opened doors into the many possibilities that nicotinamide adenine dinucleotide can offer to society. Since the molecule is vital in supporting basic life functions, everyone deserves to get a part of this.

As you may already know, we live in a highly dynamic world in every sense of the world. The diverse needs of clients are generating more custom solutions in virtually all industries. Today, we have more specialties in the practice of law and medicine than there were a few years ago. This is just an example to show you the need to address the dynamic needs of the current society. This need has finally given birth to yet another delivery method for NAD+ and MNM supplements. This is through liquid MNM and NAD+.

Why Liquid NAD+ or MNM?

Well, some customers still had a problem with tablet and powder delivery methods. Seniors for instance, can have a lot of trouble taking either powder or tablets sublingually. Being at the epitome of the aging process, they would benefit immensely from the effects of restored NAD levels in the body. It was therefore crucial to ensure that this age-set gets a product that will be more suited to their needs.

The convenience of this new delivery method does not just address the needs of seniors. Many customers just want to the pure MNM that offers on the go convenience. Others want to buy these supplements for their pets and administering powders and tablets sublingually won’t just cut it. This necessitated the need to have another delivery method that would cater to the needs above and more. Therefore, this lead to the introduction of MNM and NAD+ liquid supplements.

Challenges Facing Liquid MNM Use

MNM has highly hygroscopic qualities that make large quantities of the powder to dissolve almost instantly in water. In fact, almost all the research that has been done with mice involves dissolving MNM in water. The biggest obstacle, however, is that while it is stable in powder form, it degrades in water in a few weeks. This makes it very challenging to bottle and deliver it to clients without losing its effectiveness.

Since MNM can maintain its purity for a couple of weeks, researchers use it in pre-clinical studies by mixing in water once every week. However, they must test all through the week to ensure it hasn’t degraded to interfere with their findings. Therefore, you need to be wary of anyone trying to sell you MNM liquid. It may not be the best supplement to invest in unless you are certain it has not degraded.

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